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Online shopping – Things to think about Part 2

last blog post we looked at some of the overarching things retailers should think about if they wanted to survive the rise ofonline shopping. This post drills down a little bit further to look at the detail of what Australians are buying and what’s...

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Making your customer’s transactions easier

Not only are people too busy to wait a week for shipping these days, but people want their transactions done with the bare minimum of fuss. Your customers don’t want to get most of the way through the checkout and find that the purple teapot they had their heart...

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Delivering a better customer experience

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but these days people are too busy for waiting. Everyone has a horror story about hanging around for a package to arrive, finding it left out in the elements or not having it turn up at all. Slow deliveries rapidly...

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Packaging the online customer brand experience

You might recall, recently we wrote about the three things that every online business needed to nail in a customer’s first online purchase interaction. This post, we thought we’d go a step further and talk about how your packaging can be an...

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