Fast order processing

Today’s commercial environment has dramatically changed your customers’ expectations when it comes to the service you provide and the speed with which you can deliver. Not only do your customers want their goods delivered fast and efficiently, they want to rest assured knowing that what they order will be delivered exactly as they expected it.

Of course, this expectation isn’t just confined to services provided in the digital world. Your customers have come to expect that your business’ “real world” logistics and distribution will be as efficient as those providing services in the virtual world.

So if youre in the business of physically moving goods from point to point, you may have found yourself continually playing catch-up – and your customers deserve more than that.

Same day dispatch

In recognition of your customers’ expectations in such a rapidly evolving world of online retailing, at Coghlan, we aim to dispatch all orders received by 2pm on the same day.

How? The Coghlan carrier pick up arrangements have been structured to maximise the window required to achieve same day dispatch – of course, depending on your selected carrier option and geographical time zones, this is easily achieved.

What’s more, you can choose whether your items are forwarded as they are generated or in batch quantities.  This is the recommended option for larger orders in particular to avoid bottlenecks at the end of the day and to help us help you get your orders to your customers as fast as possible.

Of course, if it’s customer satisfaction you’re after, you’ll want to work with a fulfilment specialist who can offer fast order processing and quality control management. That’s why, for more than 27 years, Coghlan have been providing fast, accurate and efficient fulfilment solutions while remaining flexible to the changing demands of its customers.


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What clients like you say about partnering with Coghlan


We have always been impressed with Coghlan’s professionalism, service and most importantly for our business, their efficiency to deliver promptly to our customers. We have tried other providers and have found Coghlans’ service to be superior in every aspect. We’d highly recommend them.

Sue Bennardo

Hip Kids

We are very pleased with you and the team at Coghlan. The implementation process from system integration to stock receiving was a seamless experience. You and your team provided regular updates which were integral to how we managed our business and customer expectations at the time. The Coghlan team are obviously very experienced in their roles, passionate in what they do and understand the importance we place on fulfilling customer orders. Your team have consistently performed well on day to day tasks, ad hoc IT and fulfilment requests.  


Good to play

The Coghlan team have given us absolute peace of mind when it comes to getting products to our customers and form a critical part of giving them the best possible retail eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient and collaborative to work with. Their ability to be flexible and adaptable has also been critical as our business has grown and evolved. Thank you!


The Peach Box

We have just been voted by consumers as Baby Care Product of the Year 2016. We were able to meet the rigorous criteria as a result of the unique co-creation process. This award win gives us a great opportunity to thank you for helping make this possible. The service that Coghlan has provided has allowed us to confidently and consistently share our product with mums across Australia.

Michaela Windsor

Mater Nappies