Are you looking to reduce costs and maximise your productivity by outsourcing your warehousing and / or inventory management logistics? Warehousing is a crucial component of any supply chain, so when it comes to investing in a solution, getting it right is a must.

Of course, you’ll want to be able to rest assured knowing your products and materials are stored safely and securely and your transactions will be dealt with speed and accuracy to ensure your customers are happy.

You can choose to store your inventory at one of our many warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and / or Auckland. They are all near major transport links.

The major benefit of outsourcing your warehousing needs? Everything is taken care of for you, so you don’t even need to be there!

To ensure the speed, accuracy, safety and efficiency of your logistics solution, all warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and materials handling equipment.

You can relax knowing your products and materials are in safe hands from the moment they are received. The Coghlan warehousing security process involves :

  • Vigorous receipt checking before being recorded on a Coghlan Goods Received Advice which is emailed to you
  • Directing products to a storage location within our warehouses before again recording to their new location
  • Individually monitored storage units via a back to base alarm system, cameras and after hours security patrol

Did you know? Coghlan’s stocktake procedures have even been acknowledged by some of our clients’ toughest auditors as being up there with the best in the business. This means your stock and quality control processes are of the highest standard possible.

Inventory Management

With the right warehousing solution in place, you’ll also want an intuitive, easy to use, information-packed online support tool to help you track your inbound stock movements, internal consumption and outbound order processing.  By choosing Coghlan you can keep a close eye on the status of your stock orders and manage your stock.

Of course, if you need to make any changes to your orders or inventory requirements – such as nominating a carrier for an order, sending a personalised message to a customer with an order, changing product descriptions, loading new products to the system or manually entering a new order – with Coghlan’s support tools, you’ll have 24x7, 365 instant access from any location.


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So if you’re looking to work with Australia’s leading provider of fulfilment services, or if you’d like to know more about how Coghlan can help your business achieve more – simply fill in the form below or call one of the three Coghlan offices nearest to you. We’d love to talk to you about helping you keep your customers happy.

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What clients like you say about partnering with Coghlan


We have always been impressed with Coghlan’s professionalism, service and most importantly for our business, their efficiency to deliver promptly to our customers. We have tried other providers and have found Coghlans’ service to be superior in every aspect. We’d highly recommend them.

Sue Bennardo

Hip Kids

We are very pleased with you and the team at Coghlan. The implementation process from system integration to stock receiving was a seamless experience. You and your team provided regular updates which were integral to how we managed our business and customer expectations at the time. The Coghlan team are obviously very experienced in their roles, passionate in what they do and understand the importance we place on fulfilling customer orders. Your team have consistently performed well on day to day tasks, ad hoc IT and fulfilment requests.  


Good to play

The Coghlan team have given us absolute peace of mind when it comes to getting products to our customers and form a critical part of giving them the best possible retail eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient and collaborative to work with. Their ability to be flexible and adaptable has also been critical as our business has grown and evolved. Thank you!


The Peach Box

We have just been voted by consumers as Baby Care Product of the Year 2016. We were able to meet the rigorous criteria as a result of the unique co-creation process. This award win gives us a great opportunity to thank you for helping make this possible. The service that Coghlan has provided has allowed us to confidently and consistently share our product with mums across Australia.

Michaela Windsor

Mater Nappies


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