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So, you want to become an Amazon seller in Australia. It’s important to create a unique selling proposition, such as shipping from local warehouse locations using Amazon fulfilment. At this point, you’ve probably got a number of questions about what’s required and how you’re going to do this, which might seem a little overwhelming.

If you’ve done some research and you’re not sure if Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) services are for you, there are other options available for fulfilment that will satisfy Amazon’s requirements that Coghlan can help you with.

Here’s some background on the three main Amazon fulfilment methods:

1.     FMB (Fulfilled by Merchant):

Coghlan is a great option for FBM, as we help you with storing your inventory, picking, packing, and shipping orders, as well as logistics surrounding order returns.

2.     FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon):

Coghlan only assists with FBA if the vast majority of your sales orders are through your business’ own website and come via one of the shopping carts we integrate with.

3.     Vendor program:

This is where Amazon acts as a retailer, purchases your product to sell as an Amazon product. Admission to the Vendor program is by invitation only. Although, Coghlan primarily focuses on small pick, pack, ship items.

Why act on Amazon fulfilment now?

Outsourcing your Amazon fulfilment to Coghlan will have many benefits for you as an ecommerce business owner. Shipping from local warehouse locations will improve shipping times, make returns and replacements easy and may increase your star rating.

Thanks in part to COVID-19, the Australian ecommerce market is expected to increase from $13.9 billion AUD to $21.7 billion by the end of 2022. However, the growth of the ecommerce has been steadily increasing, alongside the growth and prevalence of Amazon in Australia.

In Australia, Amazon has become one of the leading online marketplaces within the last four years with sales increasing by 57% within the last year (although there are a number of other marketplaces as well). In 2020, Amazon Australia’s sales sat at $517 million, which grew to $883 million by the end of 2021. According to recent data, future predications on the growth of Amazon in Australia revealed that by 2030, it is forecasted that Amazon will account for 25% of all Australian online retail sales. These figures demonstrated that Amazon in Australia is set to continue to grow, and to do so at a rapid rate.

If you’re wanting to make the choice to ship from local warehouse locations, you will be able to provide a great service on Amazon in Australia.

Things to think about with Amazon Fulfilment

Amazon has a reputation for lower prices and fast shipping. Therefore, one of the first things that you need to be aware of when starting to sell through Amazon Australia is ensuring that your fulfilment strategy can meet Amazon’s demands and you can manage your stock levels appropriately.

Now’s also the time to start thinking about how you’re going to look after your customers’ entire experience – all the way from inventory, product display, pricing, packaging, packing/fulfilment, and shipping. You will also need to consider how you’ll look after, and process returns.

In the meantime, you might like to consider Amazon fulfilment (FBM) by Coghlan. You can read more about all of our services here.

Getting started with Amazon fulfilment by Merchant at Coghlan

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