Coghlan - people - Rolf _optRolf Kater

Rolf is a big believer in the kind of innovative thinking that comes from starting with one of his favourite tools – a blank sheet of paper (or whiteboard). It means everything is up for discussion and analysis starts from scratch, which removes as many assumptions as possible. And from there, one can solve almost any customer problem.

Since the start of his career, Rolf has been all about solving problems – at first focusing on financial ones in financial controller roles and then moving into systems design. However after joining Coghlan in 1999, his passion for both solving customer problems and the fulfilment business grew. He became all about making hard things easier for Coghlan’s customers – through systems, process and staff training. That and saying ‘yes’ as often as possible.

During his almost 17 years at Coghlan, he’s seen the business change quite significantly moving from a direct marketing fulfilment house to ecommerce back-end systems warehousing and fulfilment. He’s also overseen Coghlan’s expansion into Auckland and Melbourne – two offices that have done immensely well in their own right.

Rolf and Kevin have grown a team of core Coghlan-ites who’ve been with the business well more than a decade – which means there’s almost nothing they haven’t seen, worked on or come across – of course customers keep throwing new things into the mix and that keeps it interesting. To this day, Rolf’s greatest delights come from enabling the business to service clientele from the smallest to the largest of orders – holding fast to the belief that no matter how small or great the order, all customers should be treated with the utmost respect and care.

Feel free to connect to Rolf on LinkedIn.


Coghlan - people - JunJunxi Guo
IT Development Manager

Prior to joining Coghlan, Junxi was as a systems developer in China – where one of the systems he put in place is still being used – almost seventeen years later! He then joined Coghlan in 2000, so it’s fitting that he considers one of his best assets his ‘loyalty’. He also describes himself as adaptable and open-minded – which given the speed of change in IT (the fulfilment industry) always being open to new ideas is a useful and necessary skill.

Heading Coghlan’s IT development team means Junxi looks after anything and everything from developing more traditional systems to specific, customer-centric solutions for the e-commerce platforms Coghlan uses today.

He sees his role as ensuring that Coghlan stays not just at the forefront of the industry, but delivers a seamless experience – both for Coghlan’s own customers and its customers’ customers. Junxi’s feels it’s imperative to listen to what the customers want, and come up with customer specific systems accordingly. However, above all, he sees his role as making all the systems as easy to use as possible.

Junxi’s very proud of the fact that making things easier for customers is a way of life at Coghlan.

Feel free to connect to Junxi on LinkedIn.


Kayla Walsh

Customer Operations & Service Manager

Kayla has extensive experience in ecommerce operations, including having run client-side operations, having joined Coghlan more than six years ago from TV infomercial leader Danoz Direct. Her understanding of the pressures clients often face both internally and from their customers is second to none. Clients tell us that she’s super easy to talk to.

She is often the first port of call for Coghlan clients wanting to talk through something seemingly impossible within a given timeframe – like a client forgetting to order a delivery for the ARIAs in time. Needless to say, Kayla made that happen as if by magic.

Kayla also looks after Coghlan’s ANZ customer service team ensuring procedures are followed and that their responses meet and better yet, exceed, client expectations.


Sam Gular

Ops Manager, Australia

Sam joined Coghlan more than seven years ago after a background in IT. Since then, he’s learned the ins and outs of playing Tetris with client stock – getting it all to fit within the spaces constraints of the warehouse.

Together, he and Rolf are constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations to both squeeze more capacity from each of the warehouses and to have them run more efficiently. Sam is often the first port of call for clients wanting to better understand how or why something is as it is in the warehouse and he loves explaining it.

Sam’s a big believer in if he can imagine it, he can engineer it within the warehouse.


Ant photo 4_optAnthony Evans

Manager, Auckland 

Born and raised in Wellington, Anthony joined the Coghlan team in 2006. However prior to that, he’d worked in an online fulfillment role with a CD manufacturer, so transitioning to Coghlan at the time was rather seamless.

And between his years at Coghlan and his previous experience, he’s racked up almost 20 years in fulfillment roles.

Anthony feels the secret to customer satisfaction is making sure he (and the rest of the Coghlan team) listen and really understand what the customer wants as well as knowing what they need (and explaining the differences). He believes that honesty is the best policy – if he doesn’t think that Coghlan is best placed to deliver the service a customer needs, he won’t beat around the bush. But he’ll make every attempt to get it done and he’s proud that Coghlan is part of the chain in providing life saving services shipping heart valves out as quickly as possible to the relevant hospitals.

He also believes it’s important to maintain good relationships with courier companies, so that the shipping and transportation processes is as easy and trouble-free as possible for his clients’ customers.

When considering his decade-long experiences at Coghlan, Anthony would say the craziest one was recently, shipping a plastic horse’s head for a customer specialising in breeding masks for horses. Anthony’s dream is to make his courier’s day more interesting sending it in a cardboard box with the horse’s head just sticking out of the top, as it is! If Anthony were to pick three words to describe himself, he would say that he was honest, straight-up and fair.

Feel free to connect to Anthony on LinkedIn.

Coghlan - people - KevinKevin Ryan
Founder (retired)

Kevin was born in Malta, and split his youth between England, Switzerland and Majorca. After studying in Cambridge, he started his commerce career in 1972. It wasn’t great timing as by the end of 1973, the financial climate of England was a mess. So Kevin made the decision to take an early and lengthy sabbatical.

For the next 10 years, he travelled the globe, with stints operating iron ore processing equipment for Hamersley Iron in Dampier, skippering inter-island cargo vessels in the West Indies, and running a spare parts warehouse operation for Bell Helicopters in Amsterdam.

However, in 1988, some four years after moving to Sydney, he decided to utilise his warehousing and product handling skills to establish the Coghlan Group. His mother’s maiden name, ‘Coghlan’, was chosen as homage to a grandfather who regretted not taking the opportunity to start his own business.

Kevin is very proud of having built a business that’s not only survived the rapid changes of, but thrived through the move to digital. Coghlan’s longevity, and the loyalty of its customer relationships, comes about through a unique, constantly evolving product offering, making it a leader in the warehousing industry.

When not wearing his CEO hat, Kevin eagerly participates in the Sydney Musical Theatre and Amateur Dramatics community – the perfect way to escape from the day-to-day pressures of running a multifaceted business. Although he is often cast as the good guy, Kevin confesses that his favourite role will always be the villain!

 Feel free to connect to Kevin on LinkedIn.

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Just wanted to touch base and say a HUGE thank you everyone for all your hard work this year - we honestly couldn't have done it without you!  So thrilled to be working with such a fantastic team. Can’t thank you enough for being a part of our growth this year. We appreciate the effort and support immensely and look forward to another great year.

Jess & Andrea

Steele Label

We won Baby Care Product of the Year as voted by our consumers. We were able to meet the rigorous criteria as a result of the unique co-creation process. This award win gives us a great opportunity to thank you for helping make this possible. The service that Coghlan provided has allowed us to confidently and consistently share our product with mums across Australia.


Mater Nappies

We receive lots of positive feedback from happy customers who love the speedy delivery and great packing provided thanks to Coghlan. "Very fast, out for shipping the same day as purchasing", "Fast delivery & packaged well", "The delivery speed/packaging/accuracy of the order is excellent. Highly recommend!"


The Bamboo Shop

We have been working with Coghlans in Clyde for a couple of years now. The team are very friendly and responsive to our needs. The portal is very user friendly and easy to use. They're able to efficiently process orders which has been particularly helpful during promotional periods. Thanks Coghlan team!



We're very pleased with the team at Coghlan. The implementation process from system integration to stock receiving was seamless. We're provided regular updates which was integral to managing our business and customer expectations. The Coghlan team are obviously very experienced in their roles, passionate in what they do and understand the importance we place on fulfilling customer orders. 


Good to play

The Coghlan team has helped provide Kobo customers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with the best possible retail eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient, and highly responsive in addition to being accommodating and flexible as our business continues to grow. As a bonus, they’re a pleasure to work with. We’re very happy with their performance and look forward to continuing our services with them.


Rakuten Kobo Inc

We understand that there are still lockdown restrictions in Melbourne. However we noticed that all our orders being processed promptly thus all we are up to date. On behalf of everyone from Trade Hero, we would like to express our great appreciation and thanks for processing our orders on time, every day. This had a positive impact on our store— for being able to deliver right on time amidst the situation. Once again, thank you for all your efforts.


Trade Hero

The Coghlan team have given us absolute peace of mind when it comes to getting products to our customers and form a critical part of giving them the best possible eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient and collaborative to work with. Their ability to be flexible and adaptable has also been critical as our business has grown and evolved. Thank you!


The Peach Box

We've always been impressed with Coghlan’s professionalism, service and most importantly for our business, their efficiency to deliver promptly to our customers. We tried other providers and found Coghlans’ service to be superior in every aspect. Highly recommended.

Sue Bennardo

Hip Kids

Hey Rolf! Just wanted to thank you again for all the support and solutions! Your team is AMAZING. We couldn’t be happier. Go Coghlans woo hoo!


Bondi Beach Baby