We ask for your Name, Email, Phone Number and information you provide about your business. This information may be provided by you through our website, by email or by phone. The information may also be provided by referral to us. It is not unusual that a happy customer provides details about someone to us!

The information is stored on our onsite servers and on cloud based services that we utilise from time to time. Some of the cloud based services utilise servers that are physically located overseas.

Access to this information is limited to Coghlan staff on a need to know basis.

The reason we collect and store this information is so that we can respond to your enquiry about fulfilment services, and / or provide you with guidance and proposals. We may also use this information to email you updates about our services in the future. Such emails will be limited to no more than 4 times per annum and of course you can email us to opt out. Just email us at;

output (at) coghlan (dot) com (dot) au

You may request, in writing, details of the information we hold or discuss any  concerns about how we manage your information or how we handle your requests by emailing us at sales (at) coghlan (dot) com (dot) au. The requests will be managed by Rolf Kater, CEO of Coghlan Pty Ltd.

Once you become a customer of ours, we’ll further cover how we handle  data and privacy information in detail before we start. This policy is just about when you contact us and want to discuss your fulfilment needs via our website.  

Changes to our Privacy Policy will be published here on our web site.

And if you are really keen, we can mail you a physical copy of this Privacy Policy! You can email us on the sales email above or call us on +61 02 9828 0111.