Not sure if you’ve noticed, but these days people are too busy for waiting. Everyone has a horror story about hanging around for a package to arrive, finding it left out in the elements or not having it turn up at all.

Slow deliveries rapidly translate into poor customer service and that means nothing like a better customer experience.

It’s something that’s hitting the restaurant business hard at the moment – you may even have experienced it. Orders are made through a delivery app that promises a swift, seamless service. However, the food is late, and no amount of explaining will stop customers forever associating that lucklustre experience with that restaurant.

Other delivery products are the same. The last thing you need is to create a memorable association with your products that is then forever tied to a poor packaging/delivery experience.

And for shipped products, it gets worse still. The item(s) arrives, but it’s not the right order which means the hassle of having to find the time to reship it back to the supplier and wait, wait, wait again for the right order to arrive – that’s if you’ve got the time. Never mind if it was for a wedding or some other special occasion with a deadline.

Or, possibly worst of all, the right order, the perfect order, the one the customer has been soooooo excited about, finally arrives, but it’s been packed so carelessly that it arrives very much worse for wear. Excitement, turns to disappointment turns to gutted-ness, when the customer finds out, that was the last one in stock. D’oh!

So how can you prevent all of that from happening? How can you deliver a better customer experience? First of all, you have to know what a better customer experience could be.

What does a better customer experience look like?

A better customer experience starts with real* same day shipping – at least in the customer’s mind.

The customer orders and receives acknowledgement that their order has ‘left the building’ within 24hrs of them ordering it. They think ‘wow, that was fast! This is great. I’m getting my goodies soon.’ And their excitement begins to build. (*And when we say real same day shipping, if your orders are in by 2pm, we’ll ship that day).

But delivering your customers a better customer experience starts well before that with a host of stuff that goes on in the background. These are things that your customer won’t think about unless something goes wrong.

The order will be thoroughly managed and checked before packaging even begins. That ensures that your customer receives the order that they thought they were getting.

The order will be well packed. No breakages likely here. We’ve shipped just about everything from exquisite jewellery, fine porcelain, prams, art, even a very oddly shaped horses head statue. And packaging, at its heart, needs to be strong, practical and prevent wear and tear on the customers precious items whilst they’re in transit.

The order will be tracked if you require it to be. That means the customer can follow its journey. And so can you – just to be sure.

And finally, if despite all those great measures, the customer returns their goods, they’ll be seamlessly re-entered back into stock, re-added to your inventory, so that you can easily credit their account thus ensuring they’ve had the best better customer experience possible. Which of course, turns into them being more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

And that’s where we can help. If you’re looking to create an even better brand experience for your customers and have upwards of 50 orders or more a month that you need to ship well to your customers, we’d be delighted to talk to you. You can always give us a call on +61 2 9828 0111 (Sydney), +61 3 9240 300 (Melbourne) or +64 9 263 8855 (Auckland) or drop us a note via the form below. Alternatively, you can find a full list of available services here.

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