Post Purchase Experience

Part one of this blog talked about the ways that you can create an impressive customer experience through the unboxing process or a personalised note from you the founder thanking customers for their purchase.

Once the customer has made their purchase, you want to create the best post-purchase experience you can to continue the positive customer experience. There are several ways to do this.

Encourage your customers to showcase their delight

The best way to do this is through social media. Gen Y millennial women especially love their social media, so you can use this to allow them to share their positive experience with your company. On Instagram you can encourage customers to post a picture wearing their fabulous new top. You can then share some of these posts on your own business page or website. This allows the customer to feel they’re valued and heard. It also provides an avenue for past customers who love the business to communicate to potential new customers.

Easy online experience

Providing your customers with a great customer experience can also be done through having an easy to navigate and visually appealing website. Gen Y women are typically busy and hate having a difficult time looking for what they want on your site. Having an easy to navigate site means less bounce, with customers able to find exactly what they want quickly. And that means you avoid them clicking away from your site to your competitors.

Making an easy returns process

Sometimes things just don’t quite go according to plan. What looked perfect in the photo is too long, too short, too red, the wrong size or just plain wrong for your customer. It is important that the returns process is easy for customers to use. They may be returning the product, but just because they return a product doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still consider them a valued customer.

Ensure your returns process is free of any complicated policies and easy to navigate and above all friendly. If you show them that you really do care about their experience they’re likely to use your site again.

Ultimately you should consider every second of the customer’s journey from the first time the customer sees an ad or call to action. Until you’re sure that their purchase is loved and adored – being kept, worn, used etc. and then think how you can show them the next bit of customer love – but that’s for another day.

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