Kitting and pre-packing

Kitting and pre-packing processes differ to standard picking and packing methods and require a specialised team to ensure the quality and accuracy of your end product.

The term “kitting” refers to the preassembly of individual items into ready to send kits, as opposed to the process of picking and packing individual items as they are ordered. Not only is fulfilment kitting simple, but the potential for saving both time and money is great too!

Kits are generally used for whole units that contain multiple SKU’s or packaged deals or promotions. However, the process can be tailored to suit any of your business needs.

Are you running a promotion, in which you want to send out monthly kits of samples for a given period of time? Utilising kitting and pre-packing techniques means your monthly kits will be accurately kitted, packaged and ready to send to your customers as they sign up for your promotion.

Why should you take advantage of kitting?

  • You can run multi product promotional offers with ease
  • Make purchasing value packs (e.g. 3-for-2) easier for your customers
  • Picking and packing accuracy
  • Provide customers with a trial of your newest products
  • Stock control management
  • Fast and effective distribution and shipping options
  • Ensure your materials and products are available for delivery
  • Packaged goods barcoded according to your needs, specifications or preferences in order to ensure proper distribution and tracking – should the need for recall of any individual component or returns arise

Kitting may include adding aromas and information cards, special gift wrapping, ribbons and other decorations to enhance presentation.

Of course, you don’t want just any kitting and pre-packing service provider. You want a team of industry specialists with only the latest in IT developments and software to ensure your products, promotions and packages are kitted and distributed with accuracy, speed and efficiency.

For more than 28 years, Coghlan has been working to perfect IT systems to help you better manage the kitting and pre-packing of your products. At Coghlan, we can help with everything from packaging promotional kits or basic information kits to complex kitting with multiple SKU’s.

See how you can benefit from partnering with Coghlan. Or read our case studies/testimonials.

So if you’re looking to work with Australia’s leading provider of fulfilment services, or if you’d like to know more about how Coghlan can help your business achieve more – simply click on the form below or call one of the three Coghlan offices nearest to you. We’d love to talk to you about helping you keep your customers happy.

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What clients like you say about partnering with Coghlan


Just wanted to touch base and say a HUGE thank you everyone for all your hard work this year - we honestly couldn't have done it without you!  So thrilled to be working with such a fantastic team. Can’t thank you enough for being a part of our growth this year. We appreciate the effort and support immensely and look forward to another great year.

Jess & Andrea

Steele Label

We won Baby Care Product of the Year as voted by our consumers. We were able to meet the rigorous criteria as a result of the unique co-creation process. This award win gives us a great opportunity to thank you for helping make this possible. The service that Coghlan provided has allowed us to confidently and consistently share our product with mums across Australia.


Mater Nappies

We receive lots of positive feedback from happy customers who love the speedy delivery and great packing provided thanks to Coghlan. "Very fast, out for shipping the same day as purchasing", "Fast delivery & packaged well", "The delivery speed/packaging/accuracy of the order is excellent. Highly recommend!"


The Bamboo Shop

We have been working with Coghlans in Clyde for a couple of years now. The team are very friendly and responsive to our needs. The portal is very user friendly and easy to use. They're able to efficiently process orders which has been particularly helpful during promotional periods. Thanks Coghlan team!



We're very pleased with the team at Coghlan. The implementation process from system integration to stock receiving was seamless. We're provided regular updates which was integral to managing our business and customer expectations. The Coghlan team are obviously very experienced in their roles, passionate in what they do and understand the importance we place on fulfilling customer orders. 


Good to play

The Coghlan team has helped provide Kobo customers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with the best possible retail eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient, and highly responsive in addition to being accommodating and flexible as our business continues to grow. As a bonus, they’re a pleasure to work with. We’re very happy with their performance and look forward to continuing our services with them.


Rakuten Kobo Inc

We understand that there are still lockdown restrictions in Melbourne. However we noticed that all our orders being processed promptly thus all we are up to date. On behalf of everyone from Trade Hero, we would like to express our great appreciation and thanks for processing our orders on time, every day. This had a positive impact on our store— for being able to deliver right on time amidst the situation. Once again, thank you for all your efforts.


Trade Hero

The Coghlan team have given us absolute peace of mind when it comes to getting products to our customers and form a critical part of giving them the best possible eCommerce shopping experience. The team is reliable, efficient and collaborative to work with. Their ability to be flexible and adaptable has also been critical as our business has grown and evolved. Thank you!


The Peach Box

We've always been impressed with Coghlan’s professionalism, service and most importantly for our business, their efficiency to deliver promptly to our customers. We tried other providers and found Coghlans’ service to be superior in every aspect. Highly recommended.

Sue Bennardo

Hip Kids

Hey Rolf! Just wanted to thank you again for all the support and solutions! Your team is AMAZING. We couldn’t be happier. Go Coghlans woo hoo!


Bondi Beach Baby