Sustainability in ecommerce – how important is it?

The importance of sustainability in ecommerce and its results can be highlighted through many aspects such as lowering plastic waste, improving carbon emissions, and helping the environment long-term. Your customers are becoming far more aware of the importance of sustainability when shopping online and it often results with them becoming more selective about which businesses they purchase from and engage with, often causing them to question whether these businesses meet their values and ethics. Many customers are shifting towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle, highlighted through to their ecommerce shopping habits.

Australia Post’s research ‘2022 Inside Australian Online Shopping Habits’ revealed that three in four Australians consider some element of sustainability when they shop online, as well as the survey data showing that one in four Australian shoppers selected a brand due to its ethics and sustainable practices. A whopping 60 per cent are willing to pay more when it comes to buying sustainable and ethically made products. These statistics demonstrate the importance customers place on businesses who have sustainability at the heart of their brand and show this through their products and packaging. Australia Post concluded that shoppers are most likely to buy sustainable products from businesses who sell groceries, fashion, and beauty products.

This data is echoed by other research from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), which shows 90 per cent of Australians and New Zealanders prefer to purchase and support companies that are producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services, with 33 per cent of consumers planning on buying more sustainable products in 2022. The growth of sustainability concerns is set to continue throughout 2022 and beyond, which means it may be beneficial for your business to think about how to cater for your customers’ needs in regard to heading towards more sustainable products and packaging.

So, you are wanting to highlight sustainability in your ecommerce business, and you’re wondering how you transition into being more sustainable? Here are three tips that could help to set you and your business up:

1. Create and share your sustainability goals for your ecommerce business

Create some sustainability goals that work for you and your business and its values and ensure they are timely and achievable. Share these goals with your audience and customers through electronic-direct mail marketing, social media and online through your business website, to ensure your customers are aware of your revised values and what you’re working toward achieving.

2. Deliver on your commitments

Once you have shared your sustainability goals with your customers and audience, work towards implementing them in a way that aligns with your business strategy and begin reaching the goals you have set. Customers will be interested into how you are going to meet your goals and when you are expected to implement some of your strategies to meet your goals. Make sure to showcase your action steps along the way so they can see you’re walking your talk.

3. Offer sustainable packaging and delivery options

One way of moving towards a sustainable framework for your business is to implement sustainable packaging and delivery options. Australians value sustainable packaging as key a consideration when shopping online. This may include changing the packing you use for your products to be recyclable and limit the use of single-use plastic. Ensure that your customers are aware of your sustainable packaging and delivery options, as they will be more likely to purchase from your business in comparison to a competitor that does not offer these options.

Many consumers rely on word-of-mouth marketing, and strongly rely on the opinions of their family and friends, alongside influencers and other people. It is beneficial to build a relationship with customers and implement an audience acquisition strategy to ensure you are adapting to your customers needs.

Customers will also be interested to see how a business grows and continues to set goals to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly products and processes. It is important to continue to set goals for your business, while continuously communicating this with your audience effectively and achieving these long-term goals. Have a think about how you want to engage with your customers and achieve long-lasting relationships with them through meeting their needs and wants.

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